lovely readers!!
I am currently sitting in a coffee shop in the middle of downtown Albuquerque!!! i will be traveling around the country until the end of June so posts may be very little to nill this month seeing as how i dont have a flatbed scanner or a hard drive with me. I only hope you are all still here when i get back!
On the plus side, posts to this blog will be numerous starting July 1st!! Now that i am offically a graduate and no longer need to work two jobs, i will be finding myself with plenty of extra time to do things that matter!
i miss you all already!



I am obsessed with classifieds. . .more the idea of them rather than actually using them for their original purpose. I have a strong pull to the “I Saw You” ads, but those are far and few to come by. Many of them are your average “this is me, blah blah blah”, but sometimes real jems are buried in all the other crap. example:


this ad was in the paper for over 4 weeks! i wonder why.
what gets me are the typos, irregular word use, it’s almost as if these weren’t even proofread before sending them off to be pusblished. Or is it the newspaper overlooking these errors? Either way, if you are going to spend the time looking for love, do you reallly want people to have a bad first impression of you because of your inability to spell first grade words???


With a sense of humor, you can never go wrong!
but honestly, would you ever answer a classified?? for me it’s on the same level as internet dating. . .way too creepy! and yet thousands of people find each other everyday thru these means. am i the alien or is everyone else?


Now that i have survived my tenth week, what better than a new (long awaited) post?

Most of these photos are from the late 50’s and a few from the early 90’s.



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loyal viewers:

just so there is a complete understand of the workings of this blog. . .i update/post as frequently as possible, usually a new post will appear on sundays or mondays.  (your patience and loyalty is always appreciated!)   all current posts are categorized into about 6 different groups, all of which currently only have one post.  The amount of photos/writings that i have is numerous, and seems silly but also impossible to post all at once.  So as not to blow my entire wad in one go, there will be a new “group” update each week.  i want all of you to stay interested and i feel this is a good way to keep you returning, even if that means only once a week.

All of the imagery posted here is full of information, not usually blatant or obvious, but is found when given a little extra time and consideration.  enjoy.


Photographs are not the only items that were recovered from the eviction site, i also came across 5 tiny notebooks, all completely full of nonsensical mental notes, reminders, and journal entries. I assume that they all are written by the same woman/mother. ( I hate that I have no title for this woman so i am forced to give her a pseudonym. . .Donna. This is the only name i have come across in reading all of the notebooks, and i feel it is appropriate for the time being).

What Donna chooses to keep track of is mind blowing. Page after page are identical “to do” lists, all of which are crossed out only to reappear a page or two later. Her journal entries are pages of run-on sentences. She uses no punctuation whatsoever and half of it doesn’t even make sense to me, practically incoherent/illegible.

mentalnotes5.jpg mentalnotes4.jpg mentalnotes1.jpg

Donna’s situation with her child Josh is heartbreaking. I know for certain from the owners of the house in which these two lived, that josh would be dropped off by social services every weekend only to stay in the dump that he called his home. Donna was never around, most likely avoiding her renters and money due. Josh would stay in the abandoned home all weekend alone, mind you this child is only 13. I assume social services had no idea of this, otherwise you would think they would do something about it. But then again, i wouldn’t be surprised if they did know and chose to just turn their heads.

This is where i really start to question all of this. Maybe this shouldn’t be brought to the public eye, maybe i should just throw all of this stuff away and forget about it/them. I am saddened by the situation, and feel guilty about using these people. I am torn and yet intrigued.

If anything, there is still something incredibly beautiful about scanning these items.  The detail that becomes apparent, these objects are transformed so not only am i aware of the writing but also, the way the pages are worn and old, and the transparency of the material giving me hints of thoughts that carry on past this current page.  I can’t control my desire to see/know more.


Finally the long awaited new post!!!

All of these photos have something very odd about them, like the t-shirt bikini!! This family is completely taking over my life. But am i a bad person for putting them all up on this site? I try and put myself in their shoes, wondering how i might feel if someday i were to come across my whole life on someone’s blog. But there is no way for me to relate; i would never just up and walk away from my life, allowing someone else to dig thru it all.  I say this now, with my current situation being so cush and manageable.

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no, fuck that, finders keepers!!



I don’t remember how our class got on the topic of road signs, but here is the immigration sign I had mentioned. You can find these signs posted around the San Diego area, heading towards the border, and I’m sure in places like El Paso and neighboring border towns. RIDICULOUS!

I watched for the first time last nite, Planet Earth, staying up till 2am completely enthralled with all the visual info Discovery Channel kept throwing at me! FYI:

Krill, BY WEIGHT, is the most abundant animal on the planet!

ALSO: I went and saw “the host” this weekend, and it was f-ing incredible!  It’s funny how other countries portray us Americans as complete assholes all the time!

i’m a huge movie fiend, so expect random movie chatter every now and again!!! If you see anything that’s worth a post, claim your space!



Just to make sure we are all on the same page. . .I want this blog to contain more than just my new found family, but a collection of things that find their way into my life.  My pseudo family is the backbone; everything else remains random and perhaps nonsensical.  This is merely an interest in objects that currently have no purpose, their original intent no longer apparent.

That being said, I found this yesterday while cleaning out a friend’s car.  We have no idea who wrote this or whose address this is.   Maybe this isn’t worth posting, and yet I am compelled to show everyone.  I like this idea of giving you everything and nothing at all at the same time.  As for the people who currently reside @ Huxley Way, maybe some day you will type your address into “google search” for kicks and find yourselves in this very blog, surrounded by my rants!


I think this is funny more than anything, but does that make me a heartless person?  Am I crossing the line when it comes to personal information and privacy?


ok people, this slideshow thing is nothin’ but cheese. I apologize for the current state of this blog, it is slowly growing, but i keep finding myself a bit overwhelmed by all of this!

any suggestions on better ways to post serious amounts of photographs, i’m all ears!  But for now. . .enjoy!


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